KCS Adoption Framework

For a KCS Adoption to be successful there are several essential aspects:

The following is a dependency framework for the XYZ Company KCS Adoption based on the following 3 identified objectives:

  1. Customer Self-Help over the web
  2. Faster time to resolution
  3. Improved customer satisfaction

KCS Adoption success requires FOCUS. Focus to define the intent, develop the capabilities which will support progress toward the intent, monitor the progress by processing feedback, and finally making adjustments where necessary to maintain the focus. One doesn't win tennis games by focusing on the scoreboard. One wins tennis games by developing their skills and focusing on their game and being mindful of the scoreboard.

And I believe it is essential for any organization to be successful with KCS to develop a similar framework if they are to be able to articulate the reasons for adopting a KCS strategy. The determination of ROI then becomes an outgrowth of the measurement system based on the investment in conjunction with the progress made in the target objectives.

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