Unwritten Rules II

Additional Thoughts on the Way Things Really Work

Based on the feedback associated with the first Unwritten Rules article I have given it some more thought and the perceptions have turned into what follows. If you have not read the first article it might be a good contrast for the content of this one.

If I assume an awareness of the existence and influence of Unwritten Rules then I begin with the following diagram.

Given that I start with some Current State and some Desired State, which are different, these interact to produce a State Gap. This State Gap represents and impetus for action; an action which is determined or defined based on the Written Rules, the Unwritten Rules, and some Rewritten Rules. The Rewritten Rules being those that were reconstructions considered appropriate after considering the Written Rules and Unwritten Rules. Note that there is no indication as to whether the Written Rules or Unwritten Rules influence Action or Rewritten Rules in the Same (S) or Opposite (O) direction. They are simply considered to be inputs. Probably with some additional word changes this could be improved. The whole idea being that Action will move the Current State in the direction of the Desired State thus reducing the State Gap. Yet, something else needs to be considered here as to whether the Action is appropriate or inappropriate.

When the Action is taken it creates an Expectation; an Expectation essentially that the State Gap will decrease in size at an appropriate rate over some period of time. As such, interaction between the State Gap and this Expectation creates a Results Gap. As long as Current State moves toward the Desired State in the expected manner the Results Gap will remain zero. When the Results Gap deviates from zero it should produce a Realization of something. If the Results Gap is negative then maybe the Expectation was simply too small to begin with. If the Results Gap is positive then maybe the Expectation was initially too large, or maybe all the Rewritten Rules that need to be rewritten haven't been as of yet.

After thinking through this one more time I'm sure this isn't all there is too it so I would advise that you send me some comments and prepare for Unwritten Rules III, which can't be too far off.


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