Acceptance of System Dynamics

Based on a dialogue on the System Dynamics e-mail list regarding the current level of acceptance after it has been promoted for over 40 years I dredged up the following set of influences as a thought exercise. This is an example of a drifting goals structure.

Given that there is some Actual Acceptance of SD, which is perceived to be somewhat less than the Desired, or Expected, Acceptance of SD, the two should interact to produce an Acceptance Gap. This Acceptance Gap should influence two results.

First, it should add to and increase Actions to Solve Real Problems, the kind that would add to an increased Understanding of the Value of SD. This increased Understanding of the Value of SD should then add to the Actual Acceptance of SD, thus serving to decrease the Acceptance Gap.

Second, the Acceptance Gap would seem to influence SD practitioners to have some doubts, or raise Questions About SD Viability. These Questions About SD Viability should then tend to produce More Internal SD Community Focus attempting to strengthen the position and foundations of SD. Then, because there is More Internal SD Community Focus there is less focus on the Desired Acceptance of SD. And, what makes this situation even worse is that with energies being focused on More Internal SD Community Focus there is even less effort spent on Actions to Solve Real Problems that would add to the Understanding of Value of SD.

What we end up with is not only a drifting goals structure in terms of Desired SD Acceptance, but a situation that is additionally hindered from attaining the desired result by a viscous reinforcing loop which misdirects actions from what would actually move the community in the direction of its goal.

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