Attractiveness Principle

It's relatively well understood that you can't be all things to all people. Somewhere one has to make choices. An Attractiveness Principle structure is essentially a Limits to Growth structure with multiple limits, all of which can not be addressed equally.

The Reinforcing Loop that drives this structure consists of a growing action which produces results. These results then foster even more growing action.

The results produced is an element of two Balancing Loops, which in time inhibit further results. As results interacts with limiting factor 1 it adds to slowing action 1, and at the same time results also interacts with limiting factor 2 to add to slowing action 2. Slowing action 1 and slowing action 2 both add to the total slowing action. In time the total slowing action will subtract from results thus inhibiting further results.

Managing the Structure

Additional Concerns


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